15 Best Free ChatGpt Chrome Extensions (Tried & Tested)

ChatGpt chrome extensions can help you work faster and smarter. 

I’ve tested a few dozen popular free ChatGpt chrome extensions and included 15 of the most useful ones in this article.

1. Web ChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

ChatGPT cannot scrape the web and has limited knowledge of the world after 2021.

Introducing `WebChatGPT`, a mighty Chrome extension that augments your prompts with relevant results from the web!

WebChatGPT is a Chrome extension that you can add to your browser, and it helps you to ask ChatGPT more specific and relevant questions. It does this by using web search results to give you better and more up-to-date answers. You can also make your own question prompts for even more personalized answers. Additionally, it provides proper citations for the information it uses.

Use Case :Type “Headlines from [date] on [topic]” to get your own curated news feed by topic!

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access
WebChatGPT: ChatGPT Chrome Extensions with internet access

2. ChatGPT Writer – Write mail, messages with AI

    The “ChatGPT Writer” is one of the best ChatGpt chrome extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome internet browser. This extension works with Gmail and can help you to write emails or responses using ChatGPT. You just have to enter a prompt, and the extension generates the email or reply for you.

    Use the ChatGPT Writer chrome extension in Gmail to write or reply to emails using AI by entering a few keywords.

    hatGPT Writer chrome extension
    ChatGPT Writer chrome extension

    3. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

      If you want to quickly and easily get a summary of a YouTube video, you can use the free YouTube Summary with ChatGPT Chrome extension on Google Chrome. This extension works by generating a text transcript of the video, and then summarizing it using ChatGPT. It even allows you to change the extension theme to light or dark mode, and you can customize the prompt for the summary.

      It uses the powerful OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate the summary. It’s amazing how you can summarize long videos into bite-sized summaries with this extension! So if you want to save time and get a quick summary of a YouTube video, be sure to check out “YouTube Summary with ChatGPT.”

      YouTube Summary with ChatGPT
      YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

      4. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

        Introducing ChatGPT Prompt Genius – a free, open-source browser extension that offers a wide range of features to enhance your experience with ChatGPT. With this extension, you can explore, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT, and save your chat history locally for future reference.

        To add prompts, you can use the prompt templates feature to easily search and categorize prompts. This allows you to find and use creative and productive ways to utilize text generative AI.

        The extension also saves your conversation history automatically while you chat on ChatGPT. You can access your saved history by clicking on the extension icon in the top right corner of your browser. The extension will render your conversations in a style similar to ChatGPT, including code rendering and copying.

        In addition, you can personalize your ChatGPT experience by adding themes like SMS, cozy fireplace, and hacker. You can also save your chats in markdown, html, pdf, or Png format.

        Overall, ChatGPT Prompt Genius is an excellent tool to improve your experience with ChatGPT by providing a range of useful features for customization and personalization.

        ChatGPT Prompt Genius chatgpt chrome extensions
        ChatGPT Prompt Genius chatgpt chrome extensions

        5. ChatGPT for Google

        This is a free extension that lets you see the response from ChatGPT alongside your search results on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines. It supports the official Open AI API and offers features such as markdown rendering, code highlights, and dark mode.

        You can access ChatGPT directly from the extension popup and even provide feedback to help improve its performance. It also includes a custom trigger mode and the ability to copy text to your clipboard.

        ChatGPT for Google
        ChatGPT for Google

        6. TweetGPT

          TweetGPT is a Chatgpt browser extension that generates tweets using the open GPT API. When you open a new tab on Twitter, you will see a robot icon under the tweet section. you can also read this article : 15 Creative Chat GPT Prompts for Twitter Thread Ideas to Ignite Your tweet journey

          Clicking on it will generate a new tweet, randomly chosen to be positive, negative, controversial, or other types. If you are replying to a tweet, the extension will generate a tweet based on the original one. If you are creating a new tweet, it will write a tweet based on what’s currently trending.

          TweetGPT is a Chatgpt browser extension
          TweetGPT is a Chatgpt browser extension

          7. ChatGPT for Search Engines

          This is a browser extension that integrates ChatGPT, a variant of the GPT language model designed for chatbot applications, with popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. With this extension, you can get ChatGPT’s response alongside search engine results. The extension offers features such as code syntax highlighting, customizable trigger settings, a popup or standalone page, the ability to ask ChatGPT anything, right-click integration, and a dark theme.

          ChatGPT for Search Engines
          ChatGPT for Search Engines

          8. Merlin – OpenAI GPT powered assistant

          Merlin is a Google Chrome extension that uses OpenAI GPT to make tasks easier on various websites like Google, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Github. With Merlin, you can effortlessly write professional email replies, generate complex Excel formulas, and summarize content.

          To use Merlin, simply select the content and press Cmd+M on a Mac or Ctrl+M on Windows to activate the Merlin spotlight. The extension is currently free and available on Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and any chromium-based browser. In the future, there may be a paywall for a faster service and high priority customer support. You can remove the spotlight by clicking anywhere outside of it or pressing the escape button or the keyboard shortcut again.

          Merlin - OpenAI GPT powered assistant
          Merlin – OpenAI GPT powered assistant

          9. Share GPT: Share your ChatGPT conversations

            If you want to share your ChatGPT prompts with others, you can use the ShareGPT extension. This extension allows you to easily share and bookmark your prompts with just one click. Other people can also view and upvote your prompts on the ShareGPT website.

            Share GPT: Share your ChatGPT conversations
            Share GPT: Share your ChatGPT conversations

            10. Summarize

              Introducing Summarize – an AI-powered assistant that instantly summarizes articles and text using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With the Summarize Chrome extension, you can get the main ideas of any page in just one click, without leaving the page. Whether you’re reading news, articles, blogs, or research reports, Summarize has got you covered.

              The AI-powered summarization technology is trained to provide comprehensive and high-quality summaries that maximize speed and comprehension. The system is continuously improved with thousands of human-written summaries, making it more accurate and reliable.

              With Summarize, you can go through all your open tabs faster and spend more time on what matters. You can stay up-to-date with everything you want to read and never miss out on the key ideas again. Give Summarize a try today and experience the power of AI-powered summarization.

              Summarize ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

              11. Luna – ChatGPT for Chrome

                Luna is one of best fit extension out of all 15 ChatGpt Chrome extensions that enables you to easily start ChatGPT conversations from any part of your browser. With Luna, you can quickly begin a ChatGPT interaction directly from your search bar, mark any text on a website, right-click and send it to ChatGPT, or simply press CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + Y to open ChatGPT from wherever you are. For more information, you can check out the homepage on the right.

                The ChatGPT Chrome Extension is a free tool that allows you to easily use OpenAI’s ChatGPT on the web through your Chrome browser. With this extension, you can ask ChatGPT any questions you have. It’s a quick and convenient way to access the ChatGPT language model.

                Luna - ChatGPT for Chrome
                Luna – ChatGPT for Chrome

                12. Gimme Summary – Get summary using ChatGPT AI

                  Free chrome extension to summarise articles using ChatGPT AI. This Chrome extension uses ChatGPT to summarize articles. Includes a detailed content outline and a short summary you can copy to your clipboard.

                  Gimme Summary - Get summary using ChatGPT AI
                  Gimme Summary – Get summary using ChatGPT AI

                  13. ChatGPT Phantom: Real-Time YouTube Access

                    This ChatGpt chrome extension allows you to write real-time news articles and scripts for YouTube videos. If you’re feeling weary of writing blog articles, news articles, or YouTube scripts, this tool can help you write about any topic you want. you can also use 15 Chat GPT Prompts for Youtube Video Ideas for Your Next Big Channel .

                    To use the extension, first install it and open the ChatGPT page. Then, toggle the blue icon to activate “Phantom Mode,” and enter the topic you want the AI to generate content for.

                    ChatGPT Phantom: Real-Time YouTube Access with - ChatGPT chrome extensions
                    ChatGPT Phantom: Real-Time YouTube Access with – ChatGPT chrome extensions

                    14. EditGPT

                      With this extension in ChatGPT, you can easily proofread, edit, and track changes to your content. You can select text and either accept or reject any changes suggested by the tool. Additionally, you can reset the text to its original version, or accept all the changes and copy the edited version to your clipboard.

                      There are different prompts you can choose from to indicate the level of editing you want ChatGPT to perform. For example, you can choose to have the tool only fix grammar, or to also lightly or significantly improve the clarity and flow of the text. There are also prompts for rewriting text, and for proofreading bullet points in CV language.

                      Note that everything written after “Proofread” or “Rewrite” and before the first colon (:) will be considered a prompt and removed from the text comparison. This is best for copywriting task. you can use chat gpt prompts for copywriting for better writing.

                      EditGPT - ChatGPT chrome extensions
                      EditGPT – ChatGPT chrome extensions

                      15. AIPRM for ChatGPT

                        You are missing a lot if you are not using PROMPTS for ChatGPT. Add extension “AIPRM for ChatGPT” to chrome to get useful prompts to automate your work.Get complete article with 1 click.

                        The new AIPRM ChatGPT is awesome!

                        It’s a Chrome extension that adds a list of curated SEO prompts to ChatGPT!

                        You get one-click access to:

                        • Keyword intent
                        • Clustering
                        • Content generation
                        • FAQs & more!
                        AIPRM - ChatGPT Chrome Extensions
                        AIPRM – ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

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                        Final thoughts

                        The article “15 Best Free ChatGpt Chrome Extensions (Tried & Tested)” discusses 15 free ChatGpt extensions for Google Chrome that can help users work more efficiently and smarter. The extensions include WebChatGPT, ChatGpt Writer, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, ChatGpt Prompt Genius, ChatGpt for Google, Tweet GPT, ChatGpt for Search Engines, and Merlin etc.

                        Each extension has unique features and capabilities such as generating curated news feeds, helping users write emails or responses using ChatGpt, summarizing YouTube videos, and saving chat history locally for future reference. The ChatGpt chrome extensions aim to improve users’ experience with ChatGpt by providing a range of useful features for customization and personalization.

                        Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the world of ChatGpt extensions and the benefits they can offer to users.

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